Howdy! Im mainly a Illustrator and Character/Creature Designer but am planning to dip my toes into 3D.Commission Status: Open!
Last Updated 5.04.2024
Thank you for looking at my Page!

✦ Pixel IconsWobbly Icons with a 1-2 Frame animation!BASE PRICE 35$Complex Details may be simplified to match size
Flats available!

✦ Pagedolls or ChibisStylized Mini-Versions of your character! Intended to decorate Character Profiles or as Stickers, but larger versions can be provided.BASE PRICE 45$Complex Details may be simplified to match size
Flats available!

✦ Clean Cell-ShadingLined, Clean image of your Character.BASE PRICES
Portrait: 50$+
Fullbody: 100$+
‣ Portraits - Busts can be converted into simple PNGTubers with an additional 30$.
Flats available!

✦ Fully PaintedA fully Rendered and Painted Illustration of your chosen CharacterBASE PRICES
Bust-Waist: 100$+
Fullbody: 200$+
With BG: 150$ / 300$+
‣ There may be extra fees for Complexities such as Wings, Armor, Weapons etc.
Flats are NOT available for paintings. I will merge layers!

✦ Custom Character DesignComes with 3 Drafts and at least one Final Image based on your given promptBASE PRICE 150$+
(Big or multiple Wings, Lots of tiny Accessories, detailed Clothing/Armor etc.)
Additional Prop: 50$
(Weapon, Pet, Big Magical Effect etc.)
Since Design Prompts can be quite diverse, exact price will be determinded per Client!Flats for final Image are available!*

✦ Custom Character ProcessSince people tend to have questions here, a more detailed explanation of the Process!‣ Some sort of Prompt I can base the Character on has to be provided. Ideally, in a easily-readable Form* like the following:Overall Theme or Genre: (exmpl.: Horror, Sci-Fi, Starmap, Black Roses, Lovers)
Moodboard or Palette:
Species: (exmpl: Humanoid, Canine, Amphibian, Fantasy Races)
Personality/ Occupation: (exmpl.: Knight, Lawyer or Shy and small, Intimidating and Unapproachable)
Mandatory Physical Detail: (exmpl: "I want my character to have scars and a tattoo, I would like them to have this [link] hairstyle, they should be easy to draw")
*You are welcome to leave some points blank and let me decide colors or details, but please be certain you are okay with artistic freedom!‣ I will create 3 Interpretations based on the Form and Moods given to me OR, if the client seems to be a little uncertain, provide a more hands-on approach and feel ideas out with singular sketches but more freedom for major edits!‣ Once the Client seems to be satisfied with the Design I will consider the Concept Final and start working on the proper Cell Shaded Render - After that, the Design is finished! Please know that I will only accept minor edits at this stage._________________________✓ I am okay with working on both One-Offs (No defined Bodyshape or Guidelines) and Species (Given Guidelines based on Creator of a Species they made up). Frustrations with strict rules on both Palette and Marking Rules or Traits can happen.
✓ I am okay with Ferals, Humanoids, Anthros, Mechanical Parts, Horror and so on.
✓ Redesigns of Characters you already own are also cool! However, if you have Ideas based on Characters of existing IPs I will not be comfortable with making very close 'copies' of them.
✓ I am aware that some of my Work can be considered over the top - Feel free to provide a comfort level of detail you would like me to work with!
✓ Poses for Final Images tend to be pretty neutral, so things are easier to see - If you prefer more dynamic poses, be free to tell me!
~ You are still Commissioning me for ONE Character. If you happen to like multiple Concepts and are willing to pay, I can finish up another. If people happen to abuse this system and claim multiple of the Drafts as their own without permission, I will scrap this system.~

✦ Low Poly 3D Models

Ps1/Dreamcast - Ps2 Era inspired
Rigging + Blendshapes Possible
Not available yet im getting there I swear

Terms of Service || [Updated 12.12.2022]

Thank you again for considering me! This TOS will go into detail considering Commission Process, Rights and Image Use Policy for both the Artist and Client.✦ General Rules
- You are free to contact me on your preferred Platform (DMs on Social Media, Art Sites, Discord etc.) - Quickest Response is via Discord. I try to check other Methods every 1-2 Days.
-Payment in USD or EURO via PayPal Invoice. Upfront, Payment Plan can be discussed if Price ends up at 200+.- Major Edits are okay to request during the Sketch/Concepting stage, Minor ones on everything after, so please make sure Designs and Compositions are to your liking sooner rather than later! My goal is to ensure the end result will make you happy, however, too many revision requests on finished Art may result in additional fees.

✦ Refunds
- (Partial) Refunds are okay if: Custom Concepts or WIPs did not have desired outcome OR Completion has taken longer than 2 Months. I only do take full Refunds if Commission work has not yet started and the Client has not recieved any WIPs after a peroid of 30 Days.
Less money will be returned in % to progress displayed on Trello or in private.
- I do not accept any Refunds on Works considered as complete and finished.✦ Rights and Useage
- The Client may freely use, post or edit the final work within the context of non-commercial usage as long as credit is given in some form.
-However, I do not condone Artwork being used for NFT or AI related projects, commercial or not.- You are purchasing Art pieces or Concepts for personal use only. Commercial Projects have to be discussed. Pricing of Commercial Usage varies depending on Scope, Budget and Audience.- The Artist (me) reserves the right to use the results of Commissioned Artwork or Character Designs for promotional purposes. I will never repurpose Commissioned Artwork for monetary gain (ie Prints, Stickers etc.).

✦ Custom Designs
- If the requested Design is a Species belonging to a Group that is not of my own, please respect and act on the Terms of said Community you're in.
- Please refrain from transferring Ownership of a design that is not labeled as complete to avoid confusion.- I do not need to be notified if you want to edit a Character, nor do I hold strict rules over resale and trade - This will also mean that I will not be responsible for possible complications in Trades/Sales where I am not an active party.- I reserve the right to reuse and modify rejected or refunded Designs to be kept or sold at a later date.By Commissioning and/or buying my Designs, you automatically agree to these Terms of Service.